A weapon formed

A hawk has taken to haunting our yard. It’s a strange thing to see such a large and wild creature within the limits of town. The sheer size of the thing fascinates me. I am drawn to him even though his object is the smaller more vulnerable birds that frequent our feeders. He is hungry, and much as I cherish my more ordinary feathered friends, I can’t find it in myself to begrudge him the filling of his stomach.

Noah is another story altogether. He views the birds as his especial charges and is infuriated at the sheer audacity of the hawk. One memorable day we came home to find the hawk on our very front steps, where he had strategically placed himself just behind one of the pillars. Out of view of the sparrows and snowbirds that came to feed there, he was still close enough to lunge should one of them innocently venture within his reach. Almost before I stopped the van, Noah came roaring out of its side door- shouting and waving his hands. The hawk startled and flapped awkwardly to the neighbors’ driveway where it perched on the roof rack of a large black truck. Noah pursued him there. The hawk uncertainly shifted his weight from foot to foot, turned his head to one side and fixed a large cold eye on this odd creature who was interfering with his meal. He opened his wings menacingly in an attempt to intimidate. But Noah was not to be intimidated. He jumped. He slapped his hands on the sides of the truck. He shouted, and finally the hawk decided that perhaps a retreat would be in his best interests after all. He opened his wings again, rose into the air and, without even pausing on a tree branch or telephone wire, took off for parts unknown.

We didn’t see the hawk for days… weeks even. But then one morning Noah awoke to the unmistakable scree-scree sound of a hawk on the hunt. He barreled down the stairs and out the back door. Fast he was, but apparently not fast enough for a certain poor little sparrow, and at the sight of bloody feathers in the rumpled snow, Noah’s resolve was steeled. No such predator would ever violate the borders of his protectorate again, oh no. Not if he had anything to say about it. Nuh uh.

Now, here in the Tomato Patch we come up decidedly short in the area of weaponry. What we do have an abundance of however, is craft supplies, lots of craft supplies. And clothespins and bead-string and such like. The girls made doll beds and puppet stages out of these sorts of things when they were Noah’s age. Amelia still raids the craft cupboard when she is creating little ornaments for her room or complicated origami journal covers. Millen forms the materials into placemats for the kittens’ dishes, and pretties up the boxes that hold her math manipulatives. Noah made a crossbow.

And by the back door this crossbow sits, ever at the ready. Loaded with a dowel sharpened in our school pencil sharpener. Its bow string is taut. I really don’t think that hawk quite realized he’d come up against a warrior. But I suspect he’ll find out very soon.



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30 Responses to A weapon formed

  1. 1
    Mrs. Anna T says:

    He made it all by himself? Impressive!

  2. 2
    Chelsey says:

    Ok that is AWESOME! I love that little guy. I'm passing this post on to Tuck – he'll be BEYOND thrilled at Noah's crafty skills!

  3. 3
    Barbara H. says:

    LOVED this story and Noah's dedication, perseverance, and ingenuity!

  4. 4
    Beth says:

    Oh how adorable! Kind of a really cute Robin Hood! (Don't tell HIM that!)
    When I was a child, I always tried to make something that ingenious but the scotch tape never held.
    I'm sure dread will fill the heart of the evil hawk as soon as he catches sight of your boy and his weapon!

  5. 5
    ellen b. says:

    What a sweet heart Noah has. Love the creative weapon he built. My son has one of those that he hunts with. In fact the only time he's actually killed a deer (with a license and in season) is with his bow. You don't have to tell Noah my son killed a deer…

  6. 6
    A Marriage After His Heart says:

    Oh My!!!! as his future MIL I am loving this!!!!! that is just too cute and very courageous! How proud are you to have a young warrior in your home!

  7. 7
    Lynn says:

    Oh, that is too cool. I mean to think that a boy just works that way: craft supplies into weaponry. It makes perfect sense.

    I would be like you, unable to feel hard at the hawk. The hawk is hungry too. And they are beautiful creatures.


  8. 8
    Jodi says:

    I am *impressed* with that crossbow!

    We've had a hawk here the last few months, too. It's probably the biggest one I've ever seen; a couple of times I've thought it was an eagle. Thankfully I've only seen it get rats, and I'm grateful for that, as it's one less to get in my house!

  9. 9
    Lady Anne says:

    Man, he really means business, doesn't he? But I'll just bet that if he actually makes contact with the hawk, he will just go to pieces over killing something.

    Nature is a hard taskmaster, I'm afraid.

  10. 10
    Diane says:

    anna… he did! i am not errr… naturally prone to encourage this type of thing,so i didn't even know what he was up to. he just brought it down and showed it to me when he had it all done.

    chelsey… i have to admit that noah himself was pretty pleased with this creation of his;)

    barbara… ☺

    beth… you wrote: "I'm sure dread will fill the heart of the evil hawk as soon as he catches sight of your boy and his weapon!" i read that to noah, and he grinned from ear to ear, lol.

    ellen… we have a fellow in our church who is a master bowhunter- he says it is actually one of the most humane ways of hunting. i don't know whether that is true or not, but i do take comfort in the thought;)

    jamala… sometimes i wonder how he has become such a manly boy- i mean the kid is surrounded by women most of the time! maybe it's a special dispensation from the Lord or something;)

    lynn… the hawk is really an impressive animal. he can't help his nature♥

    jodi… if "our" hawk was hunting *shudder* rats, i think i'd personally declare my yard a hawk-preserve, noah or not! rats ugh!

    lady anne… i wonder about how he would react to actually killing something myself. i think he'd be ok if the poor beast dies swiftly, but if it suffered, that would be tough. at times like this i really wish he had a man to take him in hand and teach him some of the manly arts such as hunting.

  11. 11
    Mrs. Webfoot says:

    Wow! What an exciting story!

    It reminds me of Davey Crockett or something. A man has to do what he has to do in order to protect his loved ones. Keep that kid around.

  12. 12
    Sabine says:

    I believe it is illegal to kill any birds of prey but…

    inside my heart, I am cheering for your warrior!

  13. 13
    Diane says:

    mrs webfoot… yeah, i think i'll keep him around. for as long as i can anyway♥

    sabine… never fear my dear. as impressive as this crossbow may be, i doubt it would do more than scare the hawk away. even if it did actually somehow manage to make contact, the "arrow" wouldn't be able to penetrate through the hawk's feathers….but don't tell noah i said that shhhhh…..

  14. 14
    Becky K. says:

    That is sooo great! I just know that Noah will keep those birds safe.

    Becky K.

  15. 15
    Lady Dorothy says:

    Very impressive! I just love how the "boy" comes out even if he is surrounded by girls!

    My grandson, age 5, asked for a bow and arrow for Christmas from his godparents. He did receive his desire, BUT before that, he and his siblings made the cutest little bows out of sticks and straw. I loved their ingenuity!

  16. 16
    Ginger says:

    He's the perfect picture of budding manhood, protecting his domaine and all who depend upon him.

  17. 17
    Diane says:

    well becky, he'll do his level best!

    lady dee… isn't it funny how boys will make weapons on their own? when noah was 3yo, he made a "gun" out of a discarded swiffer, duct tape, a broken flashlight and heaven knows what else! the boys in the church youth group very very impressed… he had a hard time getting it back, lol.

    ginger.. he's my little man, that's for sure♥

  18. 18
    Beth says:

    Hi again! This is a response to your comment on my blog regarding my framed saying…I think of YOU when I read it! I thought that you would love it, too, so I wanted to make sure I wrote about it sometime!
    Hey, also, regarding "Marriage after God's Own Heart", how old is Noah? I was kind of hoping he'd marry my Rebecca……she's 12….

    I would have LOVED to see his ear to ear grin!!!!

  19. 19
    Diane says:

    beth… alas and alack, noah is only just barely 11;) and girl, that grin was priceless! i do believe you made his day☺

  20. 20
    J♥Yce Burrows says:

    Diane ~ be careful, please(my dad was a state conservation officer). You could contact your state's wildlife conservation commission/agency for specific guidelines for when the predator is met with Noah's chivalry(great home education project to study God's design with an apex predator and prey!)…they can advise the budding knight to be thought/deed mindful of a higher way that honors his winged charges while also the law(you know what I mean)?

    Sweet young man♥

  21. 21
  22. 22
    Diane says:

    j♥yce, dear… thank you so much for your thoughts, and for the link as well☺

  23. 23
    J♥Yce Burrows says:


  24. 24
    Susan says:

    Go, Noah!!! Men are born to protect and defend, and it looks like those instincts are alive and well in young Mister Noah! :)

  25. 25
    Ginger T says:

    That's great!! It reminds me of Alex at that age. He once rigged up yarn, fish hooks, and miscellaneous other items and caught a pheasant. He had set out to catch it because he thought it was a pterodactyl. Ha!

  26. 26
    Anonymous says:

    There is such beauty in the differences between men and women.

    Noah made a crossbow with the stuff the girls made into arts and crafts. LOL.

    Go Noah, go.

    I have chased hawks a time or two myself. I keep seeming to run into them killing my favorite types of birds.

    Made me sick until I had children and had to feed them too.

    God is always good, he feeds everyone.

    Put a different spin on things. But oh what a little warrior you have and kudos to you for not trying to take it out of him.

    Could you imagine if King David's Mother had been horrified at how violent her son was and forbid him to play like this? What would he have done when he met up with Goliath….asked him to tea?

    Many Blessings :)

  27. 27
    Diane says:

    j♥yce… ☺

    susan… i said that he is "hard wired to protect" and that is certainly true. now that i have a boy of my own and see how radically different they are from girls, i can't believe anyone doubts that the genders are made differently! and for different purposes♥

    ginger… oh my, a pterodactyl? that is absolutely priceless! he and noah would be quite the team;)

    ace… it is a balance that is for sure. in my heart i hate all of the aggression, but i know that squelching it out of him would really prevent him from becoming the man that God wants him to be. honestly it has been a process for me- there was a time that i didn't allow any kinds of weapons in the house, toy or real. let's just say that day is lonnng gone;)

  28. 28
    P31 Mom says:

    I love this story! Wow! I'm so impressed with his bow!

    I'm tickled pink that you are not discouraging him to (not that you would…but that was my initial reaction).

    Sometimes I have to remind myself that my boys were made to conquer enemies and protect those that they cherish. I think Noah is getting great training for when he becomes a man.

  29. 29
    Diane says:

    michelle… i must admit i was pretty impressed with the bow as well. i don't know if you can see it clearly, but he used a clothespin to make a sort of trigger release mechanism, there is a groove carved into the shaft of the bow which serves as a guide for the arrow, and a sight at the top. i wasn't too thrilled that he used some of my clothesline for the shoulder strap, but i got over it;)

  30. 30
    P31 Mom says:

    I see I stopped mid sentence again. My Timothy is 10 years old….and I think he will love this story and be quite impressed with that manly bow!

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