This Saturday. 11 to 4.

Katie’s Mercantile is having their bi-annual Open House this weekend, and I’m gonna be there.

I’ll be cutting fabric in their brand new and oh-so-fab fabric store… and they’ll be paying me in fabric! Woodie Hoo! New stuff without actually buying anything? I am so on board for this. O yeah.

And in other news…

There is a very unpleasant and as yet unidentified odor in my dining room. This distresses me. Greatly.

I am almost done making this apron for Louisa… or Millen… or maybe Amelia. I suppose I’ll just wait and see who lays claim to it first. That’ll be interesting to observe.

Tomorrow we take a field trip to the farm to help harvest corn, seventeenth century style. We’ll also grind cornmeal, make cornbread and HOPEFULLY come home with more pumpkins, squash and cornstalks than our front porch can reasonably hold. But since when have I been reasonable? About fall decorations on my front porch? Never, thaz when. Yup.

And I have taken to wearing my hair in a single long braid down the center of my back.

Just what is this world coming to? Oh my.



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15 Responses to This Saturday. 11 to 4.

  1. 1
    Rhonda says:

    the new apron with your fabric and trim are too cute. That is a great apron, it could almost be a dress, except for that opening in the back :)
    have fun cutting fabric and corn grinding.

  2. 2
    Jane says:

    Ooooh, I'm jealous. Free fabric, what a beautiful dream. Remember to post pics of what you come home with.

    Have you had much rain lately, and have a septic tank? The last time we had lots of rain, and then either flushed the toilet or took a bath, we discovered a foul smell coming up through the drains. Apparently our septic tank needed pumping out. Just a thought. Or maybe a dead animal under the house?

    I'd like to lay claim to that apron myself.;-)

    Sounds like you'll be having some great fall fun. Wish we could come too. Have a wonderful time!

  3. 3
    Mama Sewing says:

    Sounds like you are very busy these days! I just adore the fabric you used on the apron that is to be fought over, the print is just perfect -is it vintage or just look like it?
    p.s. I hate those sneaky odors- they are so frustrating, good luck on finding the culprit;)

  4. 4
    Vintage Girl says:

    Fun, fun, fun!! I sometimes help out an Amish family that runs a fabric store from their farm. It is SO much fun surrounded by such loveliness!! Enjoy your "pay"! I love the print you are using for the apron, very pretty. Have fun at the farm tomorrow! Oh and way to go, changin' up the hair, a girl's gotta do that once in awhile! Heather

  5. 5
    B says:

    Love this post! Made me smile, thank you!

  6. 6
    seekingmyLord says:

    I like the look of braided hair. Pictures of that, please?

  7. 7
    Serena Abdelaziz says:

    I claim it! Oh's that? :)
    I can't wait to see pictures of your bounty of corn, and fall decorations!!

  8. 8
    Barbara H. says:

    The fabric set-up sounds like a dream!

  9. 9
    lovehisname says:

    I believe I am coming down, but have to be back to town to pass meds by 4. I hope you have fun…. WAIT> I know those ladies there at Katie's! I KNOW I KNOW you are going to have fun!! I LOVE THOSE LADIES!!!!!

  10. 10
    Mrs.Rabe says:

    Oh, delightful! What a way to be paid! FABRIC!

  11. 11
    my5cents says:

    I've always wanted to have hair long enough and thick enough to wear in a braid down my back….Oh be still my heart!
    Sounds like the fabric cutting job is just what you need…and to be paid in fabric must be a dream come true….

  12. 12
    vivian says:

    two things.. 1) where is katies mercantile? and 2) I came past your house this afternoon with eyes wide open hoping to find you out raking leaves or something so I could stop and say hi, but no sign of anyone! maybe someday!
    have a good night

  13. 13
    Diane says:

    rhonda.. you know, it really could be a dress! except for that opening in the back ;-}

    jane… we have had a lot of rain, now that you mention it, but we have a full basement, so i don't know that it has anything to do with it. it really is bugging me. big time. i'm mortified that someone will stop by for a visit before i figure out what the prob is.. eek!

    meme sewing… the fabric is a newer one. the funny thing is that when i saw it in the store i thought those were little clusters of radishes on it, and i loved it! i was so tickled to find something so unique. then i got it home and realized they were cherries- which is ok, but not nearly as nifty as radishes. in my opinion at least;-} i was so disappointed i put the fabric away and forgot about it until i was looking to make this apron. when i saw it i fell in love with it all over again.. even if it has cherries instead of radishes, hehehe

    heather.. thanks for the vote of confidence on the hair! i've worn my hair up and under a cover for so long now that it feels a bit weird to have it just hanging down like that. it's loads more comfortable though. i was getting headaches from the weight pulling on my hairline. no headaches with a braid!☺

    you are most welcome, b!

    i'll see what i can do, miss linda♥

    joshswife.. you know, i was thinking today how much i wish i could send an apron or sumthin' to all of you my dear bloggity friends. it's so much more fun to make things to give away, yanno?

    oh yeah barbara!

    oh ging! i so hope you can come.. i was hoping you would be able to.♥

    i know mrs rabe! doesn't get much better'n that, right?

    5 cents… i have this horror of having awful scraggly gray hair, which is why i've always been so fanatical about wearing it up all the time, but i think the braid looks kinda nice even so. i do have to redo it a couple of times a day to keep it tidy, but that's ok with me:-)

    viv.. katie's is down near letchworth park:-) and i wish i'd been out to say hello! we've been really slogging away on the schoolwork this year. noah doesn't usually get done til 3 or 4 most days. no more pay outside days for now:-{

  14. 14
    Maura says:

    Hope you had a great day with all the fabric! My equivalent is yarn — I have baskets and baskets full of it, yet I can never resist buying more!

  15. 15
    jan jones says:

    Absolutely LOVE your blog! Thanks so much for sharing your life with all of us!

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