Relevant 11, Post #3 (Otherwise entitled: Sometimes I’m clueless)

Start at the very beginning… it’s a very good place to start! Post number one in this series is HERE, and el puesto numero dos esta AQUI.

I admit it. I felt like a bit of a fraud when I walked into the Sheraton that Thursday afternoon. I wasn’t even sure I should be blogging for heaven’s sake. And let’s face it, as I looked at all the professional, competent women around me, I knew I was completely out of my league. I had barely posted a thing for months on end. My stats were plummeting, which, in case you didn’t know, is what happens when you barely post a thing for months on end. I didn’t know the first thing about SEO, or monetizing and for the life of me I couldn’t understand Twitter. I don’t have a smartphone, heck I had never even seen a smartphone* before.

But I soon found out that those professional competent women were also warm and friendly…. and excited! They were happy to meet me, they said and they seemed genuinely thrilled with the little felt business card holders we’d made…

or at least they were gracious enough to feign a thrilled state, which was nice.
I surely do like that quality in a girl, mmhmm.

Our hotel room was beautiful, my roommates (neither of whom had smartphones either) were positively darling and they even brought their babies along. Which I thought was an especially considerate gesture, since yanno, I had to leave my own personal babies at home.

Now, it may not surprise you to hear that smartphones and Twitter weren’t the only things I was clueless about heading into this conference. I also was completely unaware of Who’s Who in the World of Big Blogging. Foolishly, I’d neglected all of the preconference goings-on over at the Relevant website. I barely even knew the names of the conference leaders and speakers, much less how impressive and accomplished they are. But oh, my goodness… best-selling authors, homeschooling pioneers, compelling bloggers with huge followings. Why, it could make a gal feel downright unaccomplished and tiny being in the midst of such Biggies, O yes it could. However, I’ve noticed that when one is unaccomplished and tiny, it tends to make things very easy. You see, when you’re tiny, you just look up to everyone. Easy peasy. No fuss, no muss. Kinda like…

You’re here? You’re awesome! Wow.

So yeah, I happily muddled along talking to this older grandma and that young girl. I spent the most delightful coupla hours with my beloved old bloggy friend Becks and my beloved-old-friend-of-the-future Deanna. I had dinner with this lovely lady and spent most of my time admiring her beautiful baby girl. I struck up a conversation with this even-more-beautiful-in-person and offered her one of my business card holders. The very first night I sat across the table from this adorable little thing. I kept trying to start up a conversation with her because I thought she looked lonesome. Little did I know she was one of the speakers (and possessor of a great theological mind) and was just gathering her (probably great theological) thoughts, which I imagine is kinda hard to do when some person you’ve never met is pestering you to pass the salt. And the salad dressing. And, and, and…

…I am so not a networker. sigh.

Photo credit to Darcy of Life With My 3 Boybarians

So when this gal got up to speak, in her cute little jeans and cotton top, I just plain didn’t know enough to be impressed.

Tune in Friday morning, same time, same place for the final installment in this gripping tale of high adventure and derring do… aka Relevant 11, Post#4

*I now want a smartphone.



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8 Responses to Relevant 11, Post #3 (Otherwise entitled: Sometimes I’m clueless)

  1. 1
    Trina says:

    I just love revisiting Relevant through your eyes. Positively delightful. And now I'm in total Diane Withdrawal. Total. Twitching has commenced…

  2. 2
    Becky K. says:

    Your coming to Relevant was the highlight of my week. Maybe next year….maybe.

  3. 3
    Diane says:

    trina… phone call! STAT!

    becky.. it was the highlight of mine as well♥

  4. 4
    ~Jess says:

    I would probably just be in awe of everyone lol

    I don't have a smartphone either…just a boring "free" phone.

  5. 5
    Kateri says:

    I am enjoying this look at Relevant through your eyes!

    Count me in as another non smartphone owner (and I have zero desire to own one).

    Thanks so much for sharing the link to Grace is for Sinners–I just watched her video on feeling like she didn't fit in–she just described how I have felt my entire life and continue to feel. Nice to know there are acomplished women out there who feel the same and they embrace it and it is okay…

  6. 6
    Diane says:

    jess.. everyone was pretty awe inspiring☺

    kateri…. serena is a very compelling person. she's like this wise old sage in the body of an adorable little wood sprite;-)

  7. 7
    Christie P in Pensacola says:

    Here's hope for a smartphone! Dh and I have no money since I came home for good (leaving a job as an engineer behind to homeschool)

    We renewed our cellphone contract and got free smartphones! Maybe it can happen to you too!

  8. 8
    Diane says:

    why you are a beacon of hope dear christie p! bless your sweet little smartphone-lovin' heart♥

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