Practically a gramma* ** ***

Bethany was in my Daisy Scout troop when she was in kindergarten, then she was in my Brownie troop. When she and Louisa were little enough to still love pink and glitter and My Little Ponies, they were Best Friends. Bethany was over t’my house many a long summer day and many a short winter afternoon that stretched into a cozy winter evening. We had an American Girls craft club and Bethany sat in my living room and did cross stitch. She held Millen when Millen was just a tiny baby and she cuddled up to Jake when pretty much no one else wanted to. Back in the day when I was in the throes of a super-duper-healthy-eating-extravaganza and I made pureed frozen bananas and told the kids it was ice cream, Bethany ate it. She even said she liked it. Yep, that Bethany is a good girl.

But all that was a long time ago. Bethany is all grown up now. Bethany has a baby of her own nowadays… and oh my goodness, what a baby he is! I finally got to meet him the other day, and yesterday I had him all to myself for several long glorious hours. A roly-polier, jollier, more contented baby I’ve never met… and I’ve met a whole lotta babies in my day, I can tell you that. This little guy is a dreamboat for sure, and I have the videotape to prove it. Mmhmm. Yup.

My apologies for the annoying high pitched chattering in this video.
I ..umm… have no idea whose voice that is. Umm.. none whatsoever.
It’s probably one of the kids. Yeah. Probably.

*Okay, so I’m not practically a gramma.
**Okay, so Vivian is the real gramma.
***OK. Okay. Okayayayaay, so I’m not really anything close to being a gramma…
I was just kidding about the whole gramma thing… sheesh. LIGHTEN UP.

Hey, a girl can dream, can’t she? Someday… someday.. someday…



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5 Responses to Practically a gramma* ** ***

  1. 1
    vivian says:

    awww! he is soo cute! I'll share him with you. you can be a grammy pie too.. one can never have too many grammy pies!
    Torry's (big torry's) mother passed away a few years ago, so torry (little torry) could use an extra grammy!
    I'm so glad you enjoyed him. thank you for watching him. I truely dont know anyone who would have taken better care of him! and I'll see you later today!

  2. 2
    Sonia says:

    What a cutie pie!! You can be a godgrandmother. That works!!

  3. 3
    Mrs. Mordecai says:

    What an adorable baby! My little girl loves him.

    Once upon a time my husband and I went to visit our former eighth grade math teacher and took along our baby . . . and thereby discovered that he's the best baby talker ever known. Talk about hidden talent!

  4. 4
    ellen b. says:

    Isn't it funny how our voices go an octave higher when we are around babies…
    He's a cutie!

  5. 5
    Sommer says:

    That cute little darling could cause any dignified person to speak in high pitched tones :-) How could one possibly resist nibbling upon those sweet cheeks and darling toes!

    Scrumptious! He is darling!!!!

    Okay, I best leave before baby cravings set in!

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