Today I got an anonymous note in the mail… Ps. 119:62 – To Diane In my midnight prayer for you, I smile ‘cause you bring me such great joy all the while I rise from my rumpled bed and rejoice As God brings you to mind And gives me voice In my midnight praying for…

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Facebook: an aide to godly womanhood

I really should pay closer attention when doing my menu planning. For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been hankering after a dish my mother used to prepare for us growing up: Welsh Rarebit. I remembered tangy cheesy, saucy  little points of buttery toast topped with crisp little wisps of salty savory bacon. Oh my!…

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What I did on my summer vacation

Well, for starters, we borrowed a dog. I guess the actual correct term would be: we fostered a dog. And I don’t know why I’m using the past tense, cuz we’ve still got her. Her name is Sofie, she’s an old thing, and, to be frank about it, not terribly pretty. And she doesn’t like…

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I miss my boy

We left the house at 5:32 Saturday morning to drop Noah off for … The Big Backpacking Trek of 2012.   Happy Mother Moment #1… On his last night home he barreled into the living room, slapped something down hard on the table and said, “Can’t forget this.. it’s my most important thing!” It was…

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Gotta hurtie

On a day long ago and far away,  Millen got a splinter in her finger. She kept this little tidbit of information to herself. One day last week, Millen had a painful little bump on her finger. She couldn’t stir the pancake batter. She couldn’t turn the pages to Arianna’s favorite book. She could hardly…

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