Little rosy red breast

I don’t know what the weather’s like around your house this week… I hear tell that some folks have got daffodils already. We don’t have daffodils. We have snow. And wind. And icy-mix, whatever that may be. In fact we have so much of the aforementioned weather that our church services were canceled yesterday. We don’t have daffodils yet, or even snowdrops. We won’t see our crocus for several weeks yet. But that’s okay. Don’t feel sorry for us… we have something to tide us over until the days of green grass and bright blooms.

We have our birds.

We’ve got chickadees and sparrows and cardinals and blue jays. Soon we’ll have robins and bluebirds and orioles. We still have our juncos yet, and we always always have our sweet little house finches. I know a mama’s not supposed to have favorites, but the house finches are my favorite… at least for today. I love how they perch in the bushes, all in a line, waiting patiently for their lord and master to attend to their never-ending needs. I love how drab and plain they are except for the streaks of red that extend from their beaks to their stomachs. Maybe it’s a trick of nature, maybe it’s an optical illusion, maybe it’s some nifty feature that God built into their little systems when He was creating them… I don’t know; but those rosy little breasts of theirs seem to grow brighter as the weather gets stormier.

I’m thinking there’s gotta be some grand truth-for-life in there somewhere. I’m sure there is… but for now, I think I’ll just enjoy the view.



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5 Responses to Little rosy red breast

  1. 1
    Barbara H. says:

    I feel for you — when we had snow on the ground for a week I was getting tired of it. I can't imagine still having it at this time of year. I love seeing the birds outside, too — I have a bird feeder I can see from three different windows.

  2. 2
    Becky K. says:

    The robins have arrived here….I'll bet you'll see them soon.

    Birds singing make my early morning trips into the cold with my puppies easier to bear.

    Have a great day!!

  3. 3
    Mrs.Rabe says:

    We are getting to spring down here in PA but while you were getting snow we were getting pouring rain, and a dusting of snow overnight!

    But we heard the spring peepers last night! Spring is really on the way!

  4. 4
    seekingmyLord says:

    We have daffodils here, but now much more is in bloom. I have lived in Ohio and in Florida, but nothing compares to the colorful explosion of spring in Georgia (nor its pollen counts).

    Enjoy the last of the snows for spring is coming…eventually.

  5. 5
    hilthethrill says:

    Now is the time when we all go a little bit mad waiting for spring. My mom in Albany just got walloped, but spring will come soon! There will be daffodils!

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