It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Beginning, being the operant word here….

In an attempt to avoid the panicked gift creating fiasco of yesteryear, I have begun work on my Christmas work somewhat early this season. Today I began embroidering this lovely vintage quilt top as a gift for… well gals, I can’t tell you who this is for, as the afore-not-mentioned but greatly beloved individual reads this blog. Now, I’m not sure whether this will end up as a duvet, or a tablecloth, a tied quilt or something altogether different, but I know I’m already in love with these charming redwork kittens and their absurdly oversized floppy ribbon bows…

… which is a very good thing since I have eleven more sets of them to transfer and embroider.



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18 Responses to It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  1. 1
    Ginger says:

    That will make a certain someone very happy:)

  2. 2
    Ganeida says:

    While I don't embroider I do quilt ~ ocassionally…when I have time…you know, when I'm childless.

  3. 3
    vivian says:

    saw your girls at the coffee shop yesterday! what a treat!!

  4. 4
    Diane says:

    ginger… i hope so:) hey, missie, are you and casie going to join us today? now did we say evening or afternoon? give me a call, ok((hugs))

    ganeida… now, i don't quilt (i bought this quilt top at an elderly lady's household sale- it had been made by her mother and never actually quilted), but i do embroider- does that make us the perfect pair? ;)

    viv… they said they had seen you! louisa was so pleased you mentioned her dollies:)

  5. 5
    Holly says:

    Cute kitties, Diane! I really want to start embroidering again…

    Say the word "embroider" a few times. It's a funny word!

    Have a lovely day!

  6. 6
    Diane says:

    holly… embroider! embroider! embroider? you're right, holly;)

    and if you want to know the truth, i really can't embroider. i only can do these simple outline stitches. i love doing it, but i am not a "true proficient" (to quote lady catherine de bourgh hehehe)

  7. 7
    Bethany says:

    Very pretty!
    (and so responsible of you)

  8. 8
    Diane says:

    bethany.. that's me: miss responsible… oh yeah;)

  9. 9
    Ashley Dumas says:

    What sweet and cute kitties. I am going to embroider cozy homemade christmas presents one day, but I am going to need some good chilly weather to get in the mood. December in Brazil is the height of the heat of summer! I suppose I could embroider bikinis with palm trees? hmmm… now I am getting some ideas : )


  10. 10
    Diane says:

    ash… bikinis with palm trees? now that sounds very inventive;)

  11. 11
    Anonymous says:

    Good job. I am also working on getting christmas done early. I am crocheting something for each child. I have 4 mostly done. 1/2 of the 5th. (total 8 ) I will be updating my craft blog as I go. :) If you want to peek. There will be alot added on between now and monday. :)


  12. 12
    Anonymous says:

    Forgot to say my deadline is No. 31st because wee baby is due Dec.9th :)


  13. 13
    Diane says:

    andrea… you are going to have very busy little fingers between now and the end of nov;) i'll have to come check out your blog to see all the goodies!

    i am hoping to get all mine done by thanksgiving… well, i can dream, can't i?:)

  14. 14
    YayaOrchid says:

    Diane, all your goodies look beautiful. I'm sure your gifts will turn out very pretty and well made. The best gifts are those which come from the heart. That's why I'm also doing handmade for Christmas gift giving this year also.

  15. 15
    nancy says:

    Sounds like a great idea, starting on Christmas gifts. You are a woman of your word (and THE Word, of course) as I remember when you said you were gonna do it. I'd hate to see you go through another pre-Christmas mania like last one. I'm about ready to start, myself, but it will be things that don't take quite as long.
    I do stop by pretty often and am sometimes in too much of a hurry to leave a lucid comment. If I say 'ugh', 'arrgghh' or 'yawwwwn', would that communicate?
    Just got back from Kentucky. Ready to settle down for awhile.

  16. 16
    Diane says:

    yaya… aww thanks, hon:) what are you planning on making- do tell!

    mam… oh, my dear… last year! as i remember you were one of the blessed ones who talked me down from my panicked state, lol. now, i said that i *hope* to have them all finished by thanksgiving. we'll see how that works out in reality, eh? ;)

    and as for comments, don't ever feel obligated, hon. i *love* 'em when i get 'em, but i understand that you don't always have the time, etc to write((hugs)))

  17. 17
    jennie says:

    I love cats – that is going to really have a "wow" factor, I can tell! Doesn't it give you such pleasure and satisfaction making it though? Nearly as much as seeing the joy of the recipient on opening the present.

  18. 18
    Diane says:

    thanks jennie:)… i am so enjoying making this! now if only i could decide what final form it will take… right now, i'm thinking it'll be a lined tablecloth, but tomorrow- who knows!

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