Gotta hurtie

On a day long ago and far away,  Millen got a splinter in her finger. She kept this little tidbit of information to herself.


One day last week, Millen had a painful little bump on her finger. She couldn’t stir the pancake batter. She couldn’t turn the pages to Arianna’s favorite book. She could hardly even do the Wiggles. 

Oh yes, we were in a dreadful state.

So the next day we went to the doctor’s office. “Sumthins skuck in there,” she told the nurse.

“Oh really?” said I.

We went home with a prescription for antibiotics and an appointment card to see a surgeon. Today Millen is having a “procedure” to remove the “sumthin” that’s been “skuck” in her finger for so long.

All prayers, warm thoughts and words of encouragement are most gratefully accepted.

Oh my.



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19 Responses to Gotta hurtie

  1. 1
    Becky K. says:

    Prayers for Millen. What a sweetie she is to not complain….but.

    • Diane Shiffer says:


      I about died when she told the nurse that something was stuck in her finger and had been for “I dunno. Long time.” I honestly have no idea how today is going to go… presumably they’ll be doing the procedure under local anesthetic in the office. eek.

  2. 2
    Broken Gooding says:

    This is without a single doubt the most beautiful and attractive webpage I have ever seen! I want it for my very own:) You and I have the same taste…Reminds me of my great grandmother’s farm home, which I miss with every fiber of my being. Hugs.

  3. 3
    Lady Anne says:

    Don’cha love it when the kids keep stuff like this to themselves? The poor child has had this splinter for “long time”, and YOU, dreadful mother that you are, haven’t done anything about it.
    My girls used to do that, too. Youngest kid nearly died of gangrene when her appendix ruptured. “Well, I didn’t want to worry you, and I figured it would get well by itself.” Aaargh!

  4. 4
    Jess says:

    I will admit…I’ve been guilty of this myself…not telling my parents I was hurt.

    Praying it goes well and she’s on the mend soon!

  5. 5
    Heather says:

    Oh Millen, my prayers are with you and your mamma……best of luck with your finger and I’m sure lots of yummy treats will help with your healing!! Hugs, Heather

  6. 6
    TMichelle says:

    Praying for sweet Millen.

  7. 7
    Elena Rulli says:

    Lots of hugs to you and Millen and tons of ice cream to make all the surgery’s unpleasantness go away!

  8. 8
    Sommer says:

    Aw, sweet Millen and sweet Mama! Praying all goes smoothly today and that Millen will be back to doing the “Wiggles” again soon.

    Lots of love,

  9. 9
    Diane Shiffer says:

    UPDATE: We have just gotten home from the surgeon’s office… he opted to wait for a month to be absolutely certain that surgery will be necessary. The antibiotics completely resolved the infection and pain so we’re hoping that maybe the easiest route will also be the wisest. I have to admit that I am one relieved mama!

    Does this also make me a cowardly mama? *blush*

  10. 10
    Barbara H. says:

    I did something like that when I was a child. We ran around barefoot and had no shortage of splinters and things. Once I didn’t want to say anything about it because it would hurt to get it out. When my parents finally saw it, there was a sac of pus that covered my whole heel. I imagine my mom was pretty shaken about it. Thankfully once it was cleaned and drained it healed well.

    I was glad to see the update that surgery isn’t necessary at this time and that the pain is gone. Hope and pray that will continue!

  11. 11
    Heather says:

    Oh, wonderful news, hopefully that will do the trick….um…..but yummy treats would still be in order!! ~smile~ Hugs, Heather

  12. 12
    Terri T says:

    Sure hope the antibiotics do the job. I do know how you feel. Imagine my shock and horror when my grown son had sinus surgery and revealed to me that when he was little, he did a “header” off his bicycle and never told me. Dr. said he had an old healed fracture of his nose that could have caused all the sinus problems. I know he didn’t have any black eyes so how could I have not known?

  13. 13
    Ginger says:

    Praying for our dear friend!!!! give her a hug and kiss from us!

  14. 14

    Poor baby!!!! May it be simple and miraculously painless!

  15. 15
    Tabor says:

    With all the evil diseases enjoying the warmest summer on record I was terrified to read about this. So glad you have found it!

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