Cute little footprints on the front step

Winter is coming and I can’t wait. You might think I’m silly and yeah, I’m probably rushing things, but I can’t help it. I love the snow. I love the cozy-at-home-ness of the days. I love the warm cookies and hot cocoa. I love stepping out on a cold still dusky morning to find treasures like this…

A whole story written out on my front steps.



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14 Responses to Cute little footprints on the front step

  1. 1
    seekingmyLord says:

    That is one thing I miss from growing up in Ohio, but last year it snowed quite a bit in our part of Georgia. I have to admit, though, I still am in shock that we are now in November with holiday cleaning needing to be done!

  2. 2
    Jaime Lynn says:

    I love the cozy at homeness of the days too!!!!!! THE BEST!

  3. 3
    Katrina says:

    Aw :D I love seeing the birdie prints in the snow, so cute!

  4. 4
    Mrs.Rabe says:

    We had a frosty start to our day…though no snow for us quite yet…

    I love to see the animal tracks in the snow, too.

  5. 5
    Birbitt says:

    I love snow! Too bad we live in southern AZ and never get any, at least not any that'll stick. Though we do enjoy tracking little birdie footprints in the sand. I think this year we are going to take a day trip up north to play in the snow.

  6. 6
    Beth says:

    That wasn't THIS morning was it? Snow? Of course, we are possibly getting snow Friday morning here in central Indiana!! It's coming!!
    Blesssings, Beth

  7. 7
    twelvedaysold says:


    And you probably have this written somewhere, but what state do you live in?

  8. 8
    my5cents says:

    I always find it amazing how many different tracks on there…Life goes on outside and most of the time; we don't even see it.

  9. 9
    Becky K. says:

    Awww…you had a visitor!

    We had a lot of frost here today.

    Becky K

  10. 10
    Ganeida says:

    Nope. The snow is for the birds. Cold, wet & messy. ;D No snow in Brissie, not even in the deadest of dead winters.

  11. 11
    Diane says:

    linda.. this year has gone by sooo fast hasn't it?

    jaime… one just wants to stay at home… make cookies and read long books and that kinda stuff. o yeah.

    katrina… aren't they dear?

    mrs rabe… there are cat prints and bird prints and the print of a certain child's boot- where they stamped to chase the cat away from the

    birbitt.. oh yeah, you have to have at least a day to play!

    oh no beth.. this is actually a picture from last winter. i was just browsing through my old shots and just looking at this one got so excited for winter!

    twelvedays.. wild and wonderful upstate ny!

    5cents… seriously! that is exactly how i feel about it. every morning when i go out there are so many tracks and who knows what dramas put them there..

    becky… we had hail on halloween night if you believe it. all those poor little kiddos in their light little costumes:-{

    ganeida.. you don't get any snow there at all? ohhhh you pooorrr little thinggg:-{

  12. 12
    seekingmyLord says:

    Yes, it has gone by fast, but I would think faster for me than you, with your no-buy year and all. Just 59 more days to go and then what will Diane do…? (Inquiring minds what to know.)

  13. 13
    Kristine says:

    We ARE sisters! It always cheers my heart to see the bird prints in the snow. I usually have a variety of feeders and a large variety of visitors. I've even had occasion for chickadees to land on me when I've stood outside to watch them. I also have a particular call to let them know the feeders are refilled. They actually hurry to the yard when I do that whistle.

    So, Diane, in case you haven't been to my blog lately, you were one of the winners! Yay! I'm so glad. I'll be mailing it out this week.

  14. 14
    Diane says:

    linda.. funny you should ask! i was just thinking about this. at the beginning of the year i would have thought i'd go hog wild and buy up a whole buncha things that i'd wanted all year. but now, i think i'll buy stuff (definitely, lol) but the "thrill is gone" -for the most part anyway;-) my outlook on shopping has mellowed considerably. and that's a good thing!

    oh kristine, as if there was any doubt! ;-}
    ooohhh, did you say i won?? how nifty! i'm popping right over!

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