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I miss my boy

We left the house at 5:32 Saturday morning to drop Noah off for …

The Big Backpacking Trek of 2012.



Happy Mother Moment #1…

On his last night home he barreled into the living room, slapped something down hard on the table and said, “Can’t forget this.. it’s my most important thing!”

It was his Bible.


Happy Mother Moment #2…

In the final moments before the troop left, a group of us mothers went to the van for a last goodbye. After lots of Bye-Mom’s, several I’ll-Be-Fine-Mom’s and not a few eye roll’s we closed the van doors and walked a ways back to a good vantage point for waving.  A second later I hear the van door open and see my boy sauntering towards me. He gives me a hug, a pat on the back, says “Good-bye Shortie!”  and then he hops back onto the van.

“That Noah’s a good kid,” says the troop leader.


Real Mother Moment #1…

Came home to discover a pile of items that had been removed from his backpack since they were reportedly “non-essential items.” Among them were his extra flashlight, a small collapsible shovel, the ziplock baggies full of carrots I made up for his snack,

and several pairs of clean underwear.


oh my.

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Now that the snow is gone…

Noah has taken to mowing lawns. Last year he spent every single Friday morning mowing the big field behind the church. This year someone else has volunteered to do it as well, and it’s crampin’ his style just a bit. He only gets to mow at church on alternate Fridays this year.


Noah says the best thing about mowing the church lawn is that he doesn’t get paid for it.

I really do love that boy.

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Sisters are a nice thing to have

Especially when they pick you up and whisk you off to the store where they buy you a nifty toy for absolutely no reason whatsoever.

Umm jus’ sayin’.

Please excuse the deplorable state of my floors as evidenced by this photo…
and yes, I do know they are in desperate need of refinishing.
Oh my gracious me.

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Faulty forecast

Noah came barrelling downstairs this morning.
“They said we were gonna get a sugar dusting of snow today, but I’d say this storm is the icing on the cake!”

Get it? … the icing on the cake. Icing. Cake.

Nyuck, nyuck, nycuk.

That kid. Sometimes he cracks me up.

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Drawing a blank here…

Help me out girls… I need some scripture verses pertaining to cheerful obedience, and I need ‘em right snappy-like.

And I’ll bet dollars to donuts all of the other homeschooling mamas out there know precisely why I need ‘em. Snappy-like.

O yeah.

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After a couple of weeks with no new snow to speak of, Noah was thrilled to see the flakes start falling last night. So thrilled in fact that he pulled his coat and hat on over his pajamas soze to get in a few licks of shoveling before bed.

He wanted to get a head start on the morning, dontcha know..

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Romans 8:28

The girls were all sick with a dreadful sore-throaty cough-y sorta bug over the weekend, which was really quite tragic. Especially so since Sunday was the Christmas cantata at church.

So it was just Noah and I headed out to church that morning. In light of our reduced numbers, I decided to splurge on breakfast out at an actual sit-down-and-order-your-food kinda restaurant. Not surprisingly, the boy ordered a huge platter with pancakes and eggs and sausage. He opted out of the additional side of bacon the waitress suggested….
“I don’t want to be a pig,” he said.

“How’s it taste?” I asked him about halfway through the meal.

“Mmmm, so good!” he said enthusiastically. “Ahh, but not as good as your cooking,” he hurriedly added, with a self conscious glance out the window.

“Hon… it won’t make me feel badly if you like this food better.” I smiled.

He smiled too. “Maybe these pancakes are a little bit better than yours. But this syrup isn’t nearly as good as the syrup we have at home.”

We both agreed that Millen would have loved these pancakes and it really was too bad that the girls were sick. They would have enjoyed having a special breakfast out on Christmas Cantata morning. We missed them.

“But really dear,” I said, “we’re able to go out like this because it’s just the two of us. If everyone was feeling well, we just would have had breakfast at home.”

“You know what?” he philosophized, “It’s kinda like that Bible verse… God makes makes all the bad stuff work out to be good in the end.

You’re right Noah… it’s kinda like that.

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Small business man

Noah’s been getting up early lately.

He rolls out of bed around five and comes downstairs to get dressed by the warmth of the heating vent in the front hall. He likes to have a cup of cocoa all steamy hot and waiting for him. Sometimes he’s so tired that he falls asleep midway through the process, but he wakes himself up.

He puts on all of his cold weather gear and outside he goes.

It’s still dark.

First he shovels out our walks and driveways with the big scoop shovel. Then he goes back and cleans up the sides with the regular one.

Then he goes across the street and shovels out Jen’s house. She has a bad hip and he doesn’t want her to have to walk through the deep snow when she gets home from her stint on the night shift. Next comes Dave and Heidi’s house. Dave has to be on the road for his job by 6:45. Then he hits Teacher Sherri’s house and then makes sure the next door neighbors’ driveway is clear.

By the time he comes back inside, it’s starting to get light.

He’s soaked through and his nose is drippy. His hands are freezing cold and he’s hungry.

Very hungry.

But a plateful of hot food prepared to his exacting standards (Eggs- overcooked. Bacon- extra crispy.) soon puts everything to rights. Good humor is restored.

Noah started doing this because- in his own words- he “likes to be a good neighbor and besides, he likes the exercise.” And for several weeks he has gotten up and out every morning with no more reward than an occasional thanks and a good feeling. But then the other day Heidi came over with a ten dollar bill in hand and insisted he take it. The day after that the next door neighbors pressed a few bills on him and then Teacher Sherri offered to pay him all winter if he wanted to keep shoveling that long. He did.

So now he’s got himself a little business going and he feels like quite the man. He gets up every morning when it’s still dark and gets right to work. He has to. It’s his job.

And everybody’s depending on him.

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Boys and babies

One of Noah’s buddies has the blessed good fortune to be a big brother- not just once, but four times over. The cruel injustice of this has not been lost on our boy who is the youngest in a house full of girls and big brother to no one.

It burns, oh how it burns!

Well recently, we had the pleasure of bringing Arianna to Wednesday night church, and in the face of such fortuitous circumstances, Noah lost no time in formulating his COUNTER ATTACK, my interpretation of which is as follows:

PHASE I- Swagger into the fellowship hall, wave casually to your friends but go immediately to the area where the high chairs are stored. Make a big show of checking the seat belts in each one, then select one and carry it across the room to the appropriate table. (Extra points if folks notice the ease with which you heft it over your head.)

PHASE II- Manfully carry the baby around from sanctuary to kitchen to fellowship hall and back again (if Pastor or other significant individuals don’t immediately notice, repeat as necessary.)

PHASE III- Induce the baby to laugh and/or smile at every available opportunity. Act very nice to all the other babies in the room (even though they are obviously not nearly as pretty, smart and cute as your own personal baby.)

PHASE IV- Bask in the glow of your awesome big-brother-eptitude.

O yeah.

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